Dommerne til Polar Gold Cup 2018 er:

The judges for the Polar Gold Cup 2018 are:


Ms. Carmen Navarro Guisado from Spain

Mr.  Rafael Garcia Parrondo from Spain

Mr. Thomas Althaus from Switzerland



  Saturday show 1 Saturday show 2 Sunday PGCW17
Alaskan Malamute Rafael Garcia Parrondo Carmen Navarro Guisado Thomas Althaus
Grønlandshund Thomas Althaus Rafael Garcia Parrondo Carmen Navarro Guisado
Samojedehund Carmen Navarro Guisado Thomas Althaus Rafael Garcia Parrondo
Siberian Husky Thomas Althaus Rafael Garcia Parrondo Carmen Navarro Guisado


Ring 1: Siberian Husky / Grønlandshund

Ring 2:  Alaskan Malamute

Ring 3: Samoyeds

Rafel Garcia Parrondo (Spain)  

Owner, breeder and exhibitor of the Samoyed for more than 30 years. Also for several years, he has been breeder and exhibitor of American Akita, Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky.

Among our Breeding and Property we collect more than 300 titles including International Champions, World Champions and BIS winners in more than 50 countries of Europe and America.

Specialist judge in Samoyed, American Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky & Akita.

International FCI Judge for : Majorca Mastiff (group II), Spanish Mastiff (group II), Group V ( full ), Spanish Galgo (Group X), Irish Wolfhound (Group X)

I have judged a good one I number of International Shows, Nationals or Speciality Shows in: Australia, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzergovina, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherland, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, and the United States of North America.

Among the principal Shows include:

  • Europasiegger (Dortmund in Germany)
  • Piedmont Kennel Club (USA)
  • Eurasia (Moscow Russia)
  • Centenary Show R.S.C.E. (Madrid in Spain)
  • Winner Amsterdam Int. Show ( Amsterdam - Netherland)
  • Internacionales Shows de Nara y Kyoto (Japan)
  • Salisbury Show ( Carolina del Norte - USA)
  • Creater Monroe Show (Maryland - USA)
  • Winner Tallin Int. Show (Estonia)
  • Bundesieger (Dormund-Germany)
  • Gold Show & Platinum Show - Queen Birthday - (New Zealand)
  • Fehova Winter Dog Show Budapest (Hungary)
  • The Royal Summer - Melbourne (Australia)

Rafael has been invited to judge for many specialized monographic dog shows by multiple breed Clubs in the world. Club Español de Perros Nordicos y Akita Inu, Eurasier Club de España, The Samoyed Association of Finland, The Samoyed Club Inc. New Zealand, Great Northern Siberian Husky Club New Zealand, Chow Chow Club of New Zealand, Nordic Club Croatia, Nordic Club Russia, American Akita Club Russia, Akita Inu Club Russia, Clube Português de Cães Nórdicos, Deutsche Club Für Nordische Hunde, Hungarian Club of Sled dogs and Northern Breeds.

Rafael has occupied during 6 years the Presidency of the Spanish Club of Nordic Dogs and Akita Inu besides having been the 2 previous years as Secretary of the Club.

Carmen Navarro Guisado (Spain)


My place of birth was in a city in Andalusia, in the south of Spain. Since my childhood my family has lived with dogs, horses and farm animals.

My father was a lover of hunting, both rabbit, hare, wild boar, etc. I have been involved with Galgos and Podencos Andaluces since I was very young. 
I am a Technical Engineer in Design and Industrial Engineering, both graduations in 1979. 
We started attending Dog Shows with my husband in the 80s with the Villaodon affix. 
I am owner, breeder and exhibitor for more than 30 years of the Samoyedo, American Akita, Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky breeds.  
Among our property and breeding, we have compiled more than 300 championship titles, in more than 60 different countries, among them we have International Champions, World Champions and BIS Winners in the different continents of Europe and America. 
• President of the Spanish Club and Nordic Breeds and Akita Inu 2002-2003

• Member and Chief of the Samoyed race 1996-2001

• International judge recognized by FCI and RSCE

• Judge recognized to judge the level of championship by AKC, JKC, Australian National Kennel Council and NZKC New Zealand. 
In the early nineties, I became a judge specializing in dog shows. After many years of hard work and effort, I became the first All Rounder judge in the history of the Spanish Kennel Club. 
I have had the honor of having judged the main National, and International Shows in Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Belorussia, Brazil, Bosnia, Chile, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, USA,….. 
• Eukanuba World Challenge in CRUFTS´17 (U.K)

• Europassieger (Dormund - Germany)  

• Pietmond Kennel Club (North Caroline - United States)

• Eurasia 2011 (Moscow - Russia)

• Centenary of the RSCE (Madrid - Spain)

• Winner of Amsterdam Int. Show (Amsterdam - Netherlands)

• International Nara and Kyoto Shows (Kyoto - Japan)

• Salisbury Hall (North Carolina - USA)

• Creater Monroe Show (Maryland - USA)

• National Monograph of the Irish Wolfhound Club (Dublin - Irland)

• Int. Winner Show Estonia (Tallinn - Estonia)  

• EurodogShow and Lebron Specialist (Kortrik - Belgium)

• Bundessieger (Dormund - Germany)

• Gold Show & Platinum Show - Queen's Birthday  (New Zealand)

• My Dog from Gothemburg (Sweden)  

• Fehova Winter Dog Show Budapest (Hungary)

• West Gauteng Kennels Club (South Africa)

• Royal Summer Melbourne (Australia)

• Int. Dog show Quito (Ecuador)

• 4 summer nights in Split (Croatia)


Thomas Althaus (Switzerland)


Studies at the University of Berne (zoology, botany [microbiology] and psychology) and at the Colorado College in Colorado Springs (USA) (zoology, ecology and psychology). Experimental work in the field of learning psychology and field work in the Grand Teton National Park. Diploma (1973) and dissertation (1982) at the ethological Station of the University of Berne on the development of behavior of Siberian Husky puppies.

In 1964 import of Siberian Huskies from the USA (among the first in central Europe) and - as a pioneer - introduction of the sled dog sport in Europe. Organization and participation as musher in sled dog racing events over Europe from 1967 until 1985. President of the Swiss Club for Northern Dogs (SKNH) until 1971. Today honorary member of the SKNH. One of the first breeders of the Siberian Husky in Europe from 1967 until 1985 (affix: “Kamtschatka”). Owner and breeder of several int. Ch. and nat. Ch. Siberian Huskies. Judge for 24 northern dog breeds since 1971. Acting as judge in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and the UK.

In the year 1973 publication of a book called “Our northern dogs in text and pictures” (“Unsere nordischen Hunderassen in Wort und Bild”), the first complete book on the northern breeds in Europe. From 1984 until 1986 member of the board of the Swiss Kennel Club, since 1971 member of the Albert Heim Foundation for cynological research of the Natural History Museum of Berne.

From 1986 until 2010 head of the section for international species-conservation (CITES) of the Swiss government (Federal Veterinary Office).

Author of numerous publications on behavioral development, man-animal relationship, training of animals, learning,species-conservation etc. Lecturer on the same subjects in Switzerland and abroad.

Today independent consultant (in the fields of animal behavior, learning, training of animals, keeping of animals, [private, circus, zoo], cynology, species conservation, animal welfare) Owner of a Norwegian Buhund (National Ch.)