MANUAL ENTRY (transfer to bank account)


Manual entry is accepted if you do not own a creditcard, which is mandatory for online-entry

Please use the form below, fill in all details and attach all documents needed.

The documents are send by email to - no later than 4/8-2018 at 08.00 am (last entry date)




The entry fee must be transferred to the following bank account belonging to the Danish Polar Breed Club:

IBAN: 41 2000 3497 3655 96


Name of bank: NORDEA

The entry fee is due no later than 4/8-2018 at 08.00 am


For foreign exhibitors:

Photocopy of the pedigree and ownership document MUST be enclosed the first time the dog is shown at a Dansk Kennel Klub show.

FCI Working Certificate must be enclosed, if the dog is entered in the working class.

Documentation for national or international championship must be enclosed, if the dog is entered in the champion class.

In the absence of documentation for entry in the working class or champion class, the dog will be admitted in the open class.